What is often the criticism of the Millennial generation is also the most fascinating - everyone views themselves as a creative. Whether a creative through photography, music, physical mediums, or even simply an aficionado of the arts, my counterparts thrive on discovery, experience and expression.

Seeing the talent of some dear friends, I went full stage mom when I heard rumblings of their upcoming coffee shop concert. I put together a brand guideline proposal, in case they had dreams of airing on The Current or selling out one of Minneapolis' local venues.

Brand Guidelines.jpg

The Merry Golds

The Merry Golds is a whimsical music group comprised of the melodic voices of Heather Hlavaty, Rachel Coulter and Kaylee Eytchison. A combination of rich, tight harmonies and  upbeat tones of acoustic guitar and djembe, the group performs a mix of original and cover songs. 

Brand Guidelines2.jpg

Behind the Name

A playful take on the sunshiny flower, The Merry Golds evoke a sense of cheer and depth. Harnessing the beauty of springtime rebirth, the group integrates their passions of faith, the outdoors, and graceful femininity into their  presentation and song  selection.

Brand Guidelines3.jpg

Visual Elements

Combining a whimsical font for “Merry” with a bolder, masculine font for “Golds” perfectly showcases the depth and layers of the music. Weaving classic type throughout logo and promotional material replicates the nostalgic feel of the film photography with cues of vintage or throwback styles.

Merry Golds Moodboard.jpg