My broad interests of language, the creative arts, and social sciences were fueled through my education at the University of Minnesota. So what comes next? I began to explore where my talents could best be served and found integrated communications captured my interest by balancing a creative flair with the detail-oriented work of coordinating projects and serving clients.

I have the great fortune to work at a smaller sized company to get my hands dirty in a wide array of creative mediums - from copy to graphics. Setting out to teach myself the intricate (and dizzying) world of raster, vector, RGB and CMYK, I am eager to fine tune this new passion. While I'm not a self-described designer or the like, I will gladly admit that I have an insatiable thirst for learning and find excitement in the discovery of new skills.

Beyond the 9-to-5 lies a passion for serving the community through volunteering that empowers the next generation. While maintaining a work schedule, I am committed to use my extra time to pay it forward and use my talents for causes close to my heart.

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Print & Digital Advertising

Learning fast and furiously, I jumped into the world of design in my role as Marketing Representative at a small, family-run business. Bringing most all design work in-house, I honed my ability in creative direction for our custom food photography, in designing print/digital advertising, and in concept and creating B2B/B2C point of sale materials.

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Writing Samples

Growing up, I would listen attentively or eagerly flip through a novel - developing my passion for words. Through high school and college, that passion dug deeper in studying classical Latin language and appreciating stylistic elements like syntax and onomatopoeia.

As I stepped into my first professional role, I was met with the excitement of creating. Creating concepts, blogs, articles, infographics and the like. I wet my palate for taking a client's goal and developing a written, actionable item. I now exercise a variety of roles in my career, combining copy and design daily. To keep my creative muscle engaged, I have sought outlets for writing through social media and the Lissy Marie blog.

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Brand Guidelines

Taking any opportunity to further develop my skills in concept creation, brand management and graphic design, I enthusiastically created a mock-up brand guideline document for friends' music group.

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Promotional Assets

No band is complete without a couple funky promo posters. This is my subtle effort to make my pals the next big thing.

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As a way to constantly flex that creative muscle, I'll update this page as a free resource for creative content! Simply download the photo for use on your smartphone.

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Always looking for a new challenge and expanse to explore!
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