Stillwater Shopping

Thank goodness it's Friday, y'all! To celebrate, my mom, sis, aunt, and cousin took a quick trip to the beautiful Stillwater to visit some vintage shops, have lunch, and share endless laughs. We also had a surprise to share!!

I guess I was caught up with the quirky things I found that I ended up with some silly photos and none of all of us gals. I'll have to steal my mom's phone to sneak some of her photos...

I'm on the hunt for these fine men.  If you find them, please report to me immediately.  Seriously, this gem was a vintage sewing pattern and I am so thrilled this wasn't tossed out.
Understand your'e Swede. With a pack lunch, great sweater, ax, and quite a few children.
Those crazy kids in the 60s...
So many pocket knives! I guess my friend, Cady, isn't the only knife-enthusiast!
"Capturing a Crescent" for Gamma Phi Beta! I tweeted this photo and got a retweet from our international account so I felt famous for all of 12 seconds.
These were some neat buildings. I just wanted to soak up that rust on metal. If I had the time, I would have sat right down and got my paintbrush out but a quick snap will have to do for now.

After strolling around Stillwater, we had worked up quite the appetite! We went to a delicious resaurant where I ordered salmon. Whenever I can order salmon, I do. Like a true Scandinavian (why, yes, I DO know I'm a Swede), I can never get enough salmon.

So far, my sister had an extra special adornment on her left hand and was keeping it secret from my aunt and over lunch she had the chance to share the news! She and Dan were engaged!! It made the wonderful day all that much better when we were celebrating something so special :)

After lunch, we stopped at a great coffee/stationary shop.  I love Russel+Hazel paper goods and this Mara Mi is a joint company--so they had a few similar products and I quickly fell in love. Being a printmaker, I love card designs and so I took a few snaps of designs that I wanted to remember for inspiration. 
Who wouldn't want a mushroom and fawn themed baby shower? It was also fun to snoop around the wedding card and such with the newly shared news.  I think sis is going to enjoy this exciting time of life!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have a chance to share a relaxing lunch with loved ones too!