Museum with a Cherry on Top

This city if filled with endless adventures.  There are always more museums, parks, restaurants, and artist studios to visit and discover that gives the Twin Cities such a dynamic feel.  It is big city fun in a smaller city package! We know we are no New York, but our bragging rights of being second only to the Big Apple in terms of theaters per capita give reason to our much deserved nickname of the Minne-apple.

Today's adventure consisted of visiting the Walker Art Museum and adjacent Sculpture Garden with the famous Spoon and Cherry...
The most picturesque view of downtown Minneapolis from inside the Walker.  There is art inside and out!

Anyone that has ever had to sit through the unbearable traffic on 94 passing under the tunnel knows what a pleasant sight this two-toned bridge is...roughly, it translates to: "Congratulations. You have survived."

The first look of the Spoon and Cherry.  I feel like a groom on his wedding day...

Feeling inspired by this artsy environment and capturing our Peter Pan shadows.

Art inside the green house too... This glass koi fish was too large to fit in the frame and equally impressive in person!

I take pictures on benches.  Any bench I see? I snap a photo. Quirky? Yes.  But I guess it makes me the bench girl...

Then I can say, "I was into benches before they were popular."  Did you read that Star Trib article? I mean, we are number one for hipsters.

I couldn't resist.

After enduring some peculiar exhibits inside, we ventured outside and downloaded a crazy app that has scavenger hunts all around the city! Questions can be added by participants and answers are in the form of fill-in-the-blank, picture uploads, or multiple choice.  Here is our picture of people climbing on art...

And something red...

And our vantage point of the Walker...

It was quite fun, actually. Then at the end, if you have enough correct answers, you could win something!!
There is this weird mirrored, see-through glass partition in the sculpture garden too.  Confused yet? We were too.  Can you tell by our confused body language we captured?

But then we started having fun with it.

And clearly the most natural thing to do in a sculpture garden is to impersonate the sculptures.  So we did.  And then we added that question to the scavenger hunt.  I would say it was a successful adventure.

On top of that, we won a prize from the Walker refreshments!!

We were pretty thrilled.

We also won a free magnet.  It was like a goldmine...or I guess we could say it was the cherry on top.  Adventures are always worth it.