Gluten Goodness

I have been living a (mostly) gluten-free life since the age of 17.  By the end of high school, we were unsure what was contributing to some very disruptive symptoms and finally landed on a gluten intolerance.  I am usually quite good about it all but come holidays I become weak and find ways to "be bad."

This Christmas, I told mom, "we are going to go to isle bun the day after Christmas." I figured if I ate a cookie or two on Christmas, I might as well go wild and eat a whole cinnamon roll.

Enter Isles Bun.
If you are a local in the Minneapolis area, I hope you have had the chance to indulge in this wonderful place. If you haven't, it is a must to add to your "to do in 2013." Because we all have those, right?

Well, all I can say is that it was worth it. The stomach ache I foresee in my future will all have been worth this lovely indulgence.  So you may all understand: they offer a vat of frosting so each patron can smother their own warm bun with sugary goodness. Therefore, you all may agree that I made the right choice... 

Till next time, love!