A Delightful DIY

As I am sure we can all agree, Atlantic-Pacific has some great style...but we may not all have quite the same disposable income. That's where my crafty side comes in! I saw this adorable sweatshirt on Pinterest the other night and needed to know more about it........well, what I found was that it was about $160 too much. So insert H&M sweatshirt, a few embroidered letters from JoAnn, and an iron and I was set.  Ended up making this re-creation for about $25.  The embroidered letters were pretty expensive but a better option than the flat, normal iron-ons that look like iron-ons.

I debuted my spankin' new sweatshirt at work and celebrated afterwards with mama at Arhaus.  Have you heard of Arhaus?? It is a delightful new furnishings store at the Galleria that have other locations all over the states.  After having been in there multiple times, there is never an end to the wonderful sights and inspiration! Here are a few snaps I captured in the store that evening...
Who wouldn't want little succulents and pebbles in their dinner plate?! Well....It's cute for display, I guess.
Bookshelves covered in books with no cover/bindings. I think my mom would have died if we did this to our books but fun to see it in a contained environment. 
Pictures are better when cut in three.
Then we found these amazing batik wood-carvings. I guess they were recovered from India and originally used as printing designs.  I think I have found my next DIY?!
As I said, they simply have some great inspiration.  There are beautiful things to purchase at the store, but the visual merchandising is equally as beautiful.  What a fun wreath to make during the seasons that don't have some holiday like Christmas or Easter! I'll be the first to admit that it is probably a great dust-catcher too but nobody ever said beauty didn't come with downsides :)
More lovely displays of china. These were in a breakfront and the fruits were surprisingly heavier than they looked! They must have been made of marble and worth every penny.
Here is a better picture of my outfit and finished DIY project.  Wearing: Banana Republic tux shirt, H&M sweatshirt, J.Crew drapey blazer and sparkle flats, and Old Navy Flirt denim.

So the next time you see a must-have style, I hope you are inspired to do it yourself!