Stop and Smell the Roses

For anybody that knows me, I love flowers. Everything about them. My dream is to be in a secret garden or have a secret garden or discover I have an unknown limpy cousin and teach him to walk through the magic and beauty of flowers.  Can you tell I wrote my AP Lit essay on the secret garden...under pressure, it was the only thing that popped into my head. 

Anyways, back to flowers. Naturally, one of my favorite events would be the Minneapolis Institute of Art's Art in Bloom.  It is the most wonderful event each spring where local floral artists (really open to anyone and many non-florist participate too) to recreate a piece of art through a floral arrangement.  Just like the Rose Parade in Pasadena (whoa, another love of mine), all materials must be completely natural.  The arrangements can include things like vases but the interpretations are planned ahead but often made just hours before they are due in order to remain fresh.  Here are some snaps I took on our annual adventure to the MIA with mom and sis.
Nothing could be more grandeur...just need some yogurt and a sassy flock of girls.
Look! I found a crescent! I had to take a snap with it...maybe one day I will send in one of my "Capture a Crescent" pictures to send into my sorority magazine to be on the back! :)
We were on a tour where we had the opportunity to hear a bit about the art piece and the interpretation through the floral arrangement--it was great to hear a bit more about the process than simply taking a stroll through the museum but we had to be quick to snap our pictures. We were on a time schedule!
Can you believe the detail?? Each piece became more and more amazing...
This one could have been one of my favorites.  You could feel the emotion of the painting through the arrangement! And this side view captures the beautiful vase they selected to display it in...very reminiscent of waves, don't you say?
I had to take a snap of my favorite painting while walking through...the velvet so wonderful it is always difficult to not want to reach out and touch the smooth texture.
We actually knew the "florists" that submitted this one! Grew up with this family that owns a local landscaping company, Aloha Landscaping.  They are a talented bunch to say the least.
May I take you home with me? I think it would go smashingly with my glitzy chandelier.
This was a photo? painting? of a tornado over St. Paul.  I believe it was a painting but the artist created from a photo. I'd say the added pressure of an imminent tornado approaching would put me over if I were live painting...
A group of kids that were in our tour group sketching the pieces we were stopping to discuss.  They looked like a homeschool crew so I had to wiggle over to the mom for a quick chat. Sure enough, they were homeschooling and it was a pseudo-field trip. As a previous homeschooler myself, it was a lovely sight!
Itty bitty toothpicks were made into a fence at the bottom with houses scattered throughout the "field" of delicate pink flowers.
The creator of this beautiful piece happened to be there and gave us a quick talk about the inspiration behind it and process of creating. He actually was the very first to arrive in the long line of participants on the day they are allowed to select their piece of art to interpret. A man who knows what he wants!
Everywhere you looked there were flowers. Are you beginning to smell the sweet aroma yet?
I just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the museum.  We went at the last minute of the exhibit so there weren't as many people but the passion for art in this city and community is a beautiful thing in itself.
I'll leave you all with this lovely vantage point of downtown Minneapolis. A view I never tire of.

My 2014 goal is to participate next year! And now that I've posted it, hope you can keep me to it! Here's to an endless amount of flowers and the ever-blossoming spring just around the corner!!


As you can see by the size of the roses in the bunch, this is an over-sized bouquet. I'll be expecting this on my birthday, k?