The Graduate

Today is an exciting day for the Hibst girls!  Big sis, Emily, is donning a cap and robe for her college commencement!!
What a year is has been! Married in September, graduating in April, and expecting a delivery from a stork in November....

I think this is truly how the crazy girl feels...head spinning but so happy!

You've always been a bundle of laughs, and I am so blessed to be spending this time with you to celebrate your great achievement!!! Congrats, dear one and cannot wait to see what happens in this next chapter of your life.

Remember when we were those crazy youngsters that dressed up like Pippi Longstocking to cheer on the Sweden futbol team?! Spice up that accounting persona, you crazy girl. When mixing your talents and intelligence, I know you can move mountains!

Supposedly I like the rush of the "last minute" thrill.  So instead of working on printmaking in class....I sketched out a card for sissy.  As long as I'm creating art, that counts as using class time well, right?  

Another congrats to the graduate! So proud.