Glamdoll in Action

Spotted: The most adorable classic pink car on 94.

And even better? The girls were sporting a throwback vibe themselves with winged liner, victory rolls, and some vintage threads.

I thought, how funny and cute and wouldn't that be oh-so-fitting for the quaint doughnut shop, Glamdoll Donuts? I felt inspired, so mom and I ventured to Eat Street to visit and told them about the cutest car I had  just seen on 94...

 Guess what?? It was Glamdoll's car!!

The owners had purchased it just outside of town and use it as a "shop mascot" to have parked outside the storefront. The car makes visiting this place an experience....and their doughnuts make visiting this place necessary.
Maple frosted with bacon was a fun melding of flavors but dwarfed the tea-sized plates it was served on.  This doughnut destination is the new kid on the block and working out some kinks, I guess.  But from their late-night hours, throwback style, and sweet treats, it is a place you don't want to miss!

Even better? We know the wonderfully talented graphic designer that created their logo, etc!! Now you really cannot pass this up, eh?!