Trampled by Trees

Working in the early mornings is a refreshing way to soak in the city before everyone has woken.  All is quiet and peaceful and a quick stop to the local coffee shop where "everybody knows your name" makes it feel like your city.

This morning, driving through south Minneapolis was a different story.  The lush greenery that lined the streets of homes were now strewn about the streets, on cars and houses and blocking many roads.  After a nasty storm, many full-grown trees were uprooted leaving the neighborhood in a picture from the Wizard of Oz.  This was nothing in comparison to the recent Oklahoma tornado but sure put things in perspective when thinking of that deadly natural disaster!

Roots extended in the sky as tall as a front door was a common sight and was heartbreaking to see so many of the city's tall trees fallen.  The clean up will be extensive and leaving the once-canaped sidewalks exposed. 

Wishing the best for all the residents in the neighborhood and to drive with safety and caution!