A Day in the Life...

If you have been to the Macy's 8th floor Holiday exhibit downtown Minneapolis, you have vicariously lived through a "Day in the Life of an Elf."  Well, here is my edition....

We'll call it a Day in the Life of Visual Merchandising.  This certainly isn't a comprehensive lesson, but a mere glimpse.
We are in the heat wave of summer, so that obviously means school is just around the corner! With school comes all those wonderful styles of fall.  Therefore, scuba gear is out and books and pencils are in...at least in our world.

But not before trying on the googly-eye goggles.

With the ever-changing promotions, we are greeted with scraping sticky letters from the windows at 5 in the morning.  Early bird catches the worm, as they say, and these to-do lists are never ending!

Putting my art minor to good use with some arts and crafts.

Some snaps from spring windows.  It was out with the colorful old and in with the deep sea creatures.  Every day is new and brings with it a new adventure!  I guess you could call us elves, working endlessly when no one can see to bring little delights to all :)

And we too have diets of sugar, sugar, sugar....at least, today we did! We had a mason jar full of skittles and polished them off before our lunch hour at 10 am. It's a quirky schedule to say the least.