Best Days of Summer: Thursday

Thursday for the candidates is a day welcomed with open arms.  The decision for the ambassadors has been made by the judges and they finally have a chance to relax and soak up the sunshine on boats on Lake Minnetonka!

Thursday for the past ambassadors is welcomed with open arms too! The Admirals and Queens Luncheon is today and a wonderful chance to soak in the beautiful history this festival boasts of as we celebrate 74 years. This year, our lunch was held at the Women's Club of Minneapolis.  It was a lovely backdrop to the many familiar faces gracing the halls.
This cute lady was Queen of the Lakes in 1941! Eva Brunson Steiner still actively participates in the Aquatennial events and has some wonderful memories of her time representing Minneapolis. She was the second Queen of the Lakes after the festival began in 1940 to bring Minneapolitans, and visitors alike, together during a time of war (WWII). 

Mary Niemeyer, Grand Admiral (and Commodore in 2008) drew a contrast of "what the world was like" was between Eva and me--as we served Minneapolis in the same role 70 years apart! It was neat to hear what has changed in that time, and yet to see what has remained the same as we still take part in celebrating this beautiful city during the best days of summer!!
Eva stood and said a few words...and at 91 she is a spunky lady! Still lives on her own and even does her own taxes.  I would say she is a great representative of the amazing ladies that have come out of this scholarship program.
After handing my phone off to a willing, but unsteady hand, I got a cute snap of Commodore Jim Patterson, Alex (Forster) Lindstrom, and myself at the luncheon.  We had the great pleasure of BOTH serving with Jim.  Normally, each Queen has her "own" Commodore that travels and makes appearances throughout the year, but as fate would have it, Alex and I lucked out with getting to share this great guy! What a trooper to stick with it for so many months; but, it was an added joy of being selected to get to know Jim and his wife, Landi.

Later that evening, the Commodore's Party is a great excuse for a new cocktail dress! I brought a dear friend, Tracie, as my date for the evening.  Often, the party will be held at the current Commodore's residence...but with over a hundred feet trampling the fresh grass, Commodore Dave Recker hosted it at Target Field.

It is a great time to speak with some of the candidates about their experience from the week. As the mingling and laughter outlast the rays of the setting sun, hushed whispers between some past ambassadors make predictions about the outcomes for tomorrow evening! We cannot wait to find out who will carry on the legacy for the next year.
The Twins and another team were practicing on the field that evening as we all were clamoring to catch a glimpse of lucky number seven! Oo La La
Thanks for reading along and stay tuned to see who will be the 2014 Queen of the Lakes and Princesses!