Sunday in the Park

You're singing the classic rock hit by Chicago right now, aren't you? I knew it.  That's what today felt like.  All the makings of a classic hit.  It was a perfect day in more ways than one:

Minnesota summers cannot be beat, the tastiest of gluten-free banana-nut waffles, and strolling around parks marveling at the outstanding beauty of God's creation.  And all this shared with one of my sweet sisters?!  All that would've made it better is if I had both sisters here. Next time, Jen!
As if French Meadow didn't serve up the greatest of dishes, add to it the perfect outdoor seating.  As it is necessary to soak this beautiful weather up in Minnesota...this will always be one of my number one ways of doing so: patio seating.  Hurrah.

Hi, my name is Alissa and I love mushrooms.  My family can attest to as much and I was delighted to find the perfect mushy clinging to a log.

Lake life and parks are a must in Minnesota and therefore the Bird Sanctuary next to the beautiful Rose Garden and Lake Harriet is a winning combination. It is great to go for a quick nature walk right in the middle of the city! Then take a spin through the Tranquil Peace Garden...

A neat sculpture in the middle of the garden had every stage of how to fold an origami paper crane.

Until the next lush adventure,