Bombshell Bachelorette in a Bottle

...Errr, in a mason jar.  I just couldn't resist the alluring alliteration. See? I can't stop.

'Tis the time in life when wedding bells are ringing and it seems like everybody you know is engaged, marrying, and having babies! Therefore, there is a fair amount of parties, showers, and endless events that you need to buy gifts for...and doing so on a budget? It can be tricky! Enter the thoughtful, homemade gifts.

I was invited to my friend's bachelorette/bridal shower where we had to gift a negligee item that expressed our personality and she would in turn guess who the gift-giver was.  What a fun idea!  But describing myself through underwear? A bit more difficult than I was anticipating. So here's what I came up with:
A "bombshell kit" with some sassy panties and bralette with some glam red nail polish and lipstick! When packaged like those recipes in a jar, it was a combo sure to please!  A big CONGRATS to my friend Bridget as we await the happy day!!


Side note, I am wearing a men's Lululemon top and y'all may want to consider investing in one because it feels like a cloud.  And polka dots? Yes, please.