The Illustrious

We have now all heard of the cro-nut, right? Or dough-ssant? Whatever take on the mystical bakery item, I decided I need to run a taste test. Gluten and all.
This little item is from Angel Food Bakery in downtown Minneapolis. It is aptly named as it is right above the well-known Hell's Kitchen and boasts of the tastiest treats around.

We were doing an install for a wedding at Hell's Kitchen (yes, it was quite interesting to say the least) so what better way to get sidetracked than to stop for a quick indulgence. We popped in to grab this doughnut/croissant combo only to find out they were long sold out...and generally are sold out by 10 am at the latest.  Whoa. Talk about hot crossed buns.

We would be returning the next day to remove our installation and thought second time's the charm.  Arriving at the crack of dawn was the way to go; however, they limit the quantity to two per customer! As part of our well-rounded breakfast of coffee and carbs (ugh, I groan just thinking of it....), it was a fun treat to try!  Will I be returning again?

I will say Angel Food does in fact have some wonderful products to boast about...this unfortunately wasn't wholly worth the hassle. The French Meadow Bakery version at the Great Minnesota Get-Together?! That is another story.  But then again, everything is better at the State Fair. 

Until next time, folks.  And I promise I don't really eat gluten every day....I just happen to blog about every time I do. Oops!