Just around the corner

Whoa, folks.  After months of planning, the Best Days of Summer are nearly here!! The Board and Aqua volunteers had a quick meeting in Loring Park and the perfect view made us feel on top of the world.  The fun and hectic week is near and we loved the chance to catch up and discuss the future of this great festival before being swept away with the event-filled week.

Cupcakes to celebrate the last board meeting? Aye-aye, captain! Nautical never gets old...

As the Best Days of Summer approach, I thought I would take a quick trip down memory lane with you...

It was just 3 years ago my summer took a wonderful turn and I began one of the greatest journeys!  Representing Minneapolis across Minnesota and the US in over 150 appearances was a whirlwind but I wouldn't trade the ups and downs for the world!

Although it looks like a fairytale, the year was filled with hard work, endless events, and balancing many commitments.  I learned so much about presentation, relating to a myriad communities, volunteerism, and myself. Dedicating so much of my time to this experience, meant not taking on internships and extra summer jobs but this provided such a unique take-away that no internship could have provided.  

Here's to the memories, friendships, lessons-learned, and endless opportunities this amazing festival and city has offered.  I cannot wait to see the story unfold for the next three lucky gals and am blessed to have carried on the tradition!