Brussels Brunch

Get ready for your new breakfast best friend.  May I introduce you to Brussels Sprouts Hash...
I love Brussels Sprouts. If I could figure out a way to have them for every meal, I would.  Plus, it's generally a good way to sneak bacon into a meal...and nobody is complaining about that.

I had the task today to bring a dish for a  morning potluck with my small group--so off went the alarm bright and early to whip this up before dashing off to lots of tasty treats!  With little prep and cooking time, this was a great recipe to pull together at the last minute and left me with plenty of time to still get some beauty sleep.

First, I cut some thick sliced bacon from our pork guys, Tollefson Family Pork.  We like to know our farmers and believe me, when you have this bacon, you will know why.
Cutting it into half-inch strips, I threw it into a pan on medium heat to begin cooking the bacon.
Then, sliced up a small onion.
I then cut up a red yam. First peeling then slicing into round disks and then chunks, I quickly learned that yams (and I'm speculating all of those in the potato family) do not like to be cut when raw.  But raw it was.  And therefore, bravely I whacked at it with a (probably too dull) knife.

I am not entirely sure if this was, in fact, a yam or something weird.  As it was white in color when I cut it, and tasted more like a starchy potato---I was left perplexed.  However, it worked perfectly with the other flavors! Feel free to make this with a sweet potato for adding more color and flavor!
Once the bacon has browned and fat rendered, I scooped out the bacon and set on a paper towel to absorb the extra fat.  Then in the remaining fat in the pan, I added the cut yam and onion to cook.  About 7-8 minutes, or until the sides begin to brown and texture begins to cook more tender than starchy.
Taking about 20 good-sized Brussels sprouts and cutting off the bottom and slicing in half, I washed and tossed the green ombre rounds in the pan with their new friends.
Adding the bacon back into the mix, it is always the best part to watch the Brussels sprouts turn to a more vibrant green! The smells were delectable and I could not wait to start digging in...
Throwing this into a hotdish and wrapping it up in a dish towel, I was proud to officially feel like a true church-basement lady ready for potluck.  It paired wonderfully with a table boasting of eggbake, baked french toast, yogurt and granola, fruit, and wonderful fellowship.

So the next time you are planning a breakfast potluck, don't be afraid to be the gal showing up with the veggies!!

I'm now off to hop on a plane, jetting across the country to visit my sister in BC, Canada.  Yahoo! See you in a bit, America.