Double Dots at Dusk

The sun was shining.
I wasn't wearing socks.
I finally had time to hunker down and get some needed emails out.
...and then I forgot until dusk that I was going to snap some photos of my outfit for my sis.

That's what happens when you have a productive day. It's what I'm telling myself, at least.

Today called for dots.  Lots of dots.
But then again, I have a slight inclination that everyday is a good day for dots.
Want to know what's fun about sisters? Even when you live in two different countries, you can still share clothes.  I have officially inherited this neat leather jacket from my older sister.  Scored it when visiting her in BC and having so much fun wearing a piece of her when we cannot be together!

As I have mentioned, these aren't super stellar snaps, but alas, what's a dotty gal to do?!

Let's all agree that the graininess of the images adds to the mystery of the composition in the photos.  (Can you tell I've been through one too many art critiques??)

Hope to spot you in dots, scurrying about town!

behind the look I'm sporting:
sweater, blouse, flats, bracelet- J.Crew (all quite old)
denim, belt- Gap
Necklace- vintage from Mom