Familiar Face

There's just something to be said to waking up next to a familiar face...

Mine happens to be a collage of magazine shreds.

Besides this fingers-for-nose, sideburns-flaunting, feathers-in-hair gal, here's a quick peak at my side table.

Well-equipped with:
1. my favorite tall green candle from Ampersand (cannot wait until it is all finished up so I can use it for a vase...more on that later!)
2. thankfulness journal-a while ago, I took on the task of slipping into my sheets as I jot down three things I was grateful for that day.  And nothing can be repeated.  Try that out for a challenge, folks!
3. a small dalahorse figurine (made from paper clay)...and yes, I agree, it looks like a unicorn from this angle.

And if we are taking this opportunity for honesty, I usually have a cup of tea, chapstick, a book (or three), pens, sharpies, more pens, sweater comb, random program from my high school graduation...ok, well, maybe that's a little much...but you know how your best efforts of a clean bedside usually turn out.

I like this little lady because I made it back in the day for my very first art class, freshman year of college.  We had to make a collage and I was not one of those girls that cut out lipstick and bikinis and such from magazines to make a summer inspiration board (clearly, before the days of pinterest).

Simply put, I was a novice.  So, off I went. Tearing and shredding and pasting, trying to make sense of values and texture.  After a few good hours, a face began to emerge!

Waking up to this simple collage reminds me daily that inspiration and success can come when we least expect it. Sometimes we have no idea what the results will be when we start pasting pieces of our lives together.  Occasionally, something beautiful will emerge.  However, more often than not, our attempts end up being crumpled and toss in the waste basket--but we mustn't forget that there is beauty in the process of failure too.

That's a lesson I have had to learn and re-learn every. single. day. Failure still brings us closer to our goals...even when it feels like three steps in the wrong direction.  So, keep truckin' along! Sooner or later, our failed attempts start working out, and something beautiful is created.

Cheers to beauty in our mistakes!