The City's Finest

I haven't  been at this blog thing long...but I feel like I'm officially part of the club now that I have been stopped by the police curious as to what I was up to.

"Ummm, well, officer, just snapping some photos for my blog..."

You'd think it was illegal to be outside without a coat in Minnesota.  Now that I think of it, maybe it is! Uffda.

With todays 'to-do' calling for a few errands and scampering off to my small group and evening church, today was made for comfy-casual and some sneaks.  Clearly, I am still on this pink kick--being it is still February.  Please join me as I dress like a life-sized valentine for the remainder of the month.

So if you call the land of 10,000 lakes home, remember your coat.  You wouldn't want to be stopped by the city's finest!

behind the look I'm sporting:
Jacket, denim (on sale!), belt, bag, bracelet- J. Crew
Monogram blouse- gift from sister's wedding...personalized by Initially Yours
Sneaks- Nike Flyknit
Scarf- Gifted
Sunnies- Ray Ban