Ballerina Bulldog

A few weeks ago I attended an incredible art exhibit at the American Swedish Institute.  It was based on the awe-inspiring medium of papercutting.  Ranging from large pieces stretching high above my head to smaller ones perfect for a nursery, there was simply not enough time to stare at these works of art.

Some had stories or descriptions attached, some were left up to the viewer to interpret.  One of my favorites was one that the artist had cut to a specific piece of music...for 6 months straight! The intricate designs and patterns were reflective of the musical piece through crescendos, climaxes, and repetitions in the tune--WOW.

It was impressive to say the least.

I hope I never stop to see the wonder of all sorts of various art mediums--whether a painter, musician, chef, photographer, writer, or one that cherishes slicing through the world with a scissor and x-acto knife in hand.  In this expansive world of all types of people, how wonderful it is that we can speak to one another through the universal language of art?  There may be cultural influences woven into works, but that is what brings such beauty to the individual piece.

I loved this list that my sister shared with me via Pinterest...

What is your favorite medium of art--to do or to admire?  Have you seen any exhibits lately that took your breath away?