From up above

Do you ever think about your unique experiences and how different they may be from those around you?

I find it so interesting, especially in this day of being over-stimulated by Pinterest, Instagram, fashion blogs and the like, what a fascinating concept that we will never see ourselves in the same way as those around us may see us.  Sure, we can glance in the mirror or snap a quick photo...but even then, the true image of how we see ourselves is our legs below us, our surroundings, and those we choose to share life with.

So as I was three stories in the air, trusting my life to a harness and catwalk, I thought to my self, "this is an experience only I have been given to enjoy at this moment." And on popped the lightbulb...see lightbulb below...

Starting today, I will consciously snap some photos of my day over the next week--only from the view of the world at 69 inches off the ground.  So stay tuned for what life is like from my perspective of the world!

Have you ever considered the same? When you look down, what's your favorite sight? Coffee in hand, or a fluffy new animal friend, maybe a treadmill (or preferably yet, pavement!) beneath your feet?