Neighbors to the North 2.5

Day Five was our big adventure to Van City! With only a few places on our must-do list for Vancouver, we were willing to go where the day led us. After the first exciting view of Van, we accidentally got separated from my brother-in-law's car (with the kids) and ended up in Stanley Park...

We felt bad as our caravan was separated, but this stunning view made up for it! From mountains, to ocean, to the picturesque trees and was more beautiful than what a picture could capture.
Finally finding our way back to one another, we met up with the bro-in-law and kiddos as the girls were about to venture to the Lululemon Lab and the boys to the Whole Foods for lunch. This kid is just always the happiest as can be...I think he gets it from his mama!
Then began the passing-the-kids-around as we all wanted a little bundle of cuteness! After a quick trip through the Lululemon Lab store, we met up with the boys and my bro-in-law said that he ought to take the littles home before the fussies started.  Sad to see them go after the effort of driving to the city, we bid them farewell and continued our adventure...
Needing a little nourishment for the what lied next on our agenda, we stopped at the famous Japadog--where your typical hotdog is reinvented with the flavors of Japan. If it were ANY closer than it is, I would be quite tempted to eat there at least once a week.  This place was DE-licious.


We topped off our meal with a "hotdog" of ice cream balls in some sort of fried/toasted/sugared bun. Sissy and I thought it was just the right thing to end our meal with but Dad was not as big of a fan of the Green Tea flavored ice cream!

Next, the Vancouver Public Library! When sissy lived just outside of Van, she would spend some time here as her hubs was away at work.  Beyond the incredible uniqueness of the architecture of the building, the library sported some indoor-outdoor qualities--after stepping through the first set of doors, you were welcomed into the "outdoor" part of the library where small shops and coffee houses offered their tasty eats and treats to the studious community, then winding around, you entered the library. Being the other official language of Canada is French, there were rows upon rows of French books and magazines!
Mom and Dad at one of the cute (hotdog?) shops called, "I Love Love House"...I think something was lost in translation. 

We also figured out why Canadians are so green...instead of calling the trash "trash," they just skip that and call it "Landfill."

As we ran out of the library onto our next destination, we saw some enticing signs for juice-infused we gave it a shot! Mom and sissy voted for the Hibiscus Apple and Dad and I preferred the Mumbai Orange...clearly the orange one makes you a kung-fu elite so the choice was clear for me.


Having only seen a small part of Van the last time I was here, I was overwhelmed with the number of shiny glass apartment buildings were crammed in the city. My sis compared Van to the LA of Canada where the young and successful come to make it big!
This city sure isn't lacking in shops! We strolled through the Lululemon retail store on Roberts Street then wandered over to Roots Canada for some classic Canadian styles...clearly this hat was it.
So long, Vancouver! Until next time!!
I was able to find a hat I LOVED! Hailing from the men's section at Lululemon on sale, this is bound to become a staple in my life. 
Cheers from one happy girl,