The Intelligent

Today Divergent came out.  Quite a handful of my friends are more than enamored with the series and so I agreed to see the "midnight" showing of it--only at 8 pm. When did that become a thing? I'd like to think it is solely for us millennials starting to creep up in age that can no longer start a movie at 12 am...well, I'm thankful for it nonetheless.

Anyways, I also took the quiz of what faction I ought to belong to...and I got Erudite. Having not read the books, I was rather pleased with myself for appreciating intelligence! (Not like I knew what any of the foregone factions I had not been "qualified for") ...But I guess I naturally dressed for the Abnigation faction in my ensemble of all grey....
Laughing here as I thought it was hilarious that as I snapped some photos, my wee nephew was just hanging out in his carseat a few yards away....just don't tell sissy.  It'll be our secret.  Just you, me, and the world wide web.

I'm sure my Canadian sister can't wait until I can be close enough to I can leave her babies strewn about the sidewalk.  Don't fret, my dears!! Baby E was always in sight :)

My mom...err, photographer, thought this house was perfect with light blue bricks to match my freshly lacquered nails.  She's always had an eye for details.  And light blue bricks? Who ever heard of such a thing?
I like to think babies are an outfit's best accessory.  Especially when this cute!

This puff? It is amazing, no?!

I have been craving everything in the light blueish-purple family.  I guess Pantone has been successful in convincing my psyche that radiant orchid is the only way to go in 2014.  But guess what? This puff is not from 2014.  It's from my mama! It was her puff from when she was just a young lassie...therefore this radiant orchid number is far superior than any other I could find.
Having now seen the was a great flick. A short "review" of sorts coming soon!  Have you seen the movie or planning to? Have you read the books? Thoughts?


Wearing: J.Crew sweater (old), J.Crew strip tee [similar], Urban Outfitters jean [last seen here], Converse sneaks, Vintage puffer vest, J.Crew quilted crossbody, Timex watch, Brighton clamp bracelet (gifted from St. Paul Winter Carnival)