This Can't Be Beet

This can't be beat.

This city. This community. This ever-changing weather.  This local, farm-to-table fascination.  This hipster-artsy-Scandinavian-immigrant-melting-pot vibe.

By embracing this unique personality of Minneapolis, we cannot be beat.  After hosting the recent Vancouver-based athletic wear company, Lululemon Athetica, for their Warehouse Sale, both coasts and countless cities in between were confused by the location selection.  Lululemon responded, "if you're confused, you don't know Minnesota."  If one only associates this city (and this state!) with the eternal winter, some losing sports teams, and more lakes than anyone could dream, you don't know Minneapolis.

It's four seasons that make us revel in the weather of the moment.  It's celebrating an April snowstorm because we know it'll help the farmers.  It's making a bigger deal out of the High School State Hockey tournament than any professional team because we love seeing the future unfold in these kids.  It's about there never being an end to creative outlets.  It's about sitting on the end of the dock in July to the peaceful refuge of silently snowshoeing in January.  It's about the flocks of people filling the running trails as soon as the temp hits the 40s.  It's about the neighborhood rivalries of the 5-8 Club and Matt's Bar on who has the better Juicy Lucy...

This city, this community, this opportunity cannot be beat.  The Minneapolis Farmers Market is at the center of it all.  Fueling all four seasons, farm fresh food, and countless vendors to meander through--before or after your morning jog.

So as Portland rocks the weird, let's Keep Minneapolis Fresh.  Support the Minneapolis Farmers Market this season and see what this fresh community has to offer!


Photos courtesy of Chris Court and CBS Local.